What Are You Looking At?

Quick:  in just thirty seconds, look around wherever you are and take stock of everything that’s brown.  Any little thing, in any shade of brown will do: beige, tan, taupe…scout it out and make a mental list.  Brown, brown, brown…find every last bit of it.

Go.  I’ll wait.  (Seriously…this works way better if you actually do it). 

coffee beans

wood flooring




pine cone















…28…29…30.  Ok good.  

Now: as soon as you get to the end of this sentence, close your eyes (again, better if you actually do it!) and in thirty seconds, tell me everything around you that’s pink.


How’d you do?  

If you’re like most of us, trying to identify all the pink things after making a valiant effort to etch the brown into your mind is a tough challenge.  Your mind strives to work very efficiently, so when you are given instructions and you set your intention to focus on all the brown items, your mind quickly becomes rather unconscious of any other colour.  

So what do you suppose happens in life when your primary focus is on negative thoughts?  

If you are consciously or unconsciously tuning yourself in to everything that goes wrong, everything that’s missing or lacking, and everything that you wish would be different, your capacity for seeing the good in your life diminishes drastically.  It’s not that the good isn’t there…because it always is, somehow…but when you are focused on looking for what’s wrong, you can totally lose sight of what’s right.

The fact is, you can choose to dwell on all the crap that happens in your life, or you can choose to look for and dwell on all the good stuff that happens.  It may not necessarily make all the crap go away, but it sure makes life a lot nicer.  Not only that, but when you consistently prime your mind to be looking for the rosy stuff, your world quickly fills up with a whole lot more good.  

Before you head into your life each day, remember to put on your rose-coloured glasses.  The future will be so bright, you’ll wonder why you ever left the house without ’em.

pink sunglasses

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