Step Into Your Starring Role

Got a career move you want to make, but something’s holding you back?  Want to change paths, start a new business or vie for that promotion, but you can’t shake that voice inside saying “who, me?
Who IS that voice, anyway?
It’s the voice of the Imposter Complex.  But you don’t have to let her run the show any more, because lucky for you, Tanya Geisler’s Step Into Your Starring Role program is open for registration until March 30th, and as a graduate of the program I’m proud to be an affiliate and be able to share it with you.
Here’s why:
I’d had inner urgings to run my own business and be my own boss for a long time, and in the Fall of 2009, the timing finally seemed right.  My business degree and personal determination had already helped me build up two small businesses (owned by other folks; one from the low six-figures to multiple seven-figures, and other from five figures to six), so I knew I could do it…but what kind of business did I want to create?  What would I offer that would be of service & value to others?
I started out that Fall doing event planning and entrepreneurial business consulting, but felt pulled in another direction. Just over a year earlier, as those of you who’ve been with me since the beginning know, I had lost my sweet, kindhearted mother to suicide, and losing her compelled me to try and figure out how I could somehow help others live happy, healthy, fulfilling and joyful lives.
So, brushing the dust off my minor degree in psychology, I read dozens and dozens (and dozens) of books and articles, studied and participated in loads of live and online programs, and soaked up everything I could about how to live a vital, healthy and satisfying life…and about how to create an online business presence, so that I could share with a wider audience all the things I was learning and the services I was going to be offering.
Then I produced & hosted a local TV series called Optimal Living, an online telesymposium called Do What You Love, and I joined Toastmasters (an organization devoted to helping people hone their public speaking skills) where I was honoured to receive the club’s ‘Speaker of the Year‘ award for my talks on how to your life to the fullest.
I seemed to be gaining some momentum.
Then in February of last year, I joined Tanya Geisler and her colleague, Michelle Ward, in New York City for the culminating live event in a multi-week program of theirs that I was participating in.  There, I was thrilled and humbled to be described by communication maven Alexandra Franzen as ‘the love child of Carl Sagan and Martha Beck‘ after delivering a talk that explained why enjoying your life – whatever that really means to you – is what you must do…and how you can.  (The talk was based on A Quantum Leap: The Dreamsmith Guide to Creating a Life You Love, which I wrote in 2012…get your free copy here).

By some accounts, it may have appeared that I was finally stepping into my starring role…yet oddly, through all those apparent ‘successes’, I was enormously anxious and tense.  I had developed coaching programs and packages to help people create a life they loved, but I was lackadaisical in my marketing efforts and there was an ever-present undercurrent of uncertainty and insecurity in what I was doing that wouldn’t go away.
Step Into Your Starring RoleThen along came Tanya’s newest program, Step Into Your Starring Role…and doing the work, with the benefit of Tanya’s guidance and the support of the incredible group of participants she had gathered, changed everything.
Here’s the thing: Tanya’s not one to tell you what you should do, or guide you down a path that’s not your own.  One of her many specialities is listening, intuiting and asking ever-so-insightful-and-poignant questions that have the uncanny knack of leaving you answering your own questions….questions that you were certain you did not know the answer to.
Tanya, a masterful CTI-certified life coach, captivating TEDx speaker and authority on the Imposter Complex, developed this twelve-week program to move you from self-doubt to self-actualization, and now – as a graduate of her program – I’m both honoured and proud to be an affiliate for her, and share about my experience of her six-step process for shushing those inner naysayers and stepping into your starring role.
Stepping Into Your Starring Role *might* involve actually being in the spotlight…but if it doesn’t, that’s ok too.
For years I had the sense (belief?) that truly ‘finding my passion’ or ‘following my bliss’ implicitly involved some form of ‘stepping into the spotlight’, ‘taking centre stage’, or otherwise being someone who was on the front lines, directing the production, teaching, coaching, leading and/or guiding, and absolutely NOT someone who provided behind-the-scenes support to others.
After going through Tanya’s program (and through extra reflection on her ever-so-insightful-and-poignant questions), I finally allowed myself to recognize that for me, I feel most rewarded, competent, and at ease when I’m ‘starring’ in a SUPPORTING role, collaboratively helping others bring their business dreams to life…which sometimes does involve doing some of the behind-the-scenes work.  The things I really like to do are ‘making something out of nothing’, organizing thoughts, ideas, numbers and paperwork, restoring order, and laying out plans for making things happen.  And when it comes to helping people bring life into their life, I love to CONNECT them to the resources, tools, wisdom and guidance they need to help their life be better.
THOSE are my ‘starring roles’; they’re the ones where not only do I shine, but they’re also the ones where I feel like I’m shining, inside.
It’s really been a huge realization for me, which has prompted me to make some career adjustments as I further restructure the services I offer, so that my work and my life lines up with all that I’ve discovered about myself (stay tuned for more on the new products & services in the coming weeks and months.)
When I’m in my Starring Role, life feels right. I feel good; on my game; in my element; at the same time, I feel competent, at ease, and on purpose.
Are YOU ready to feel that way too?
The Step Into Your Starring Role program – regardless of what kind of roles you shine in – is designed to legitimately quiet that nagging little voice that tells you you’re not worthy, not experienced enough, not skilled enough.
Tanya and I both want you to know how important it is to listen to, honour and respect the things that bring you ease, peace, invigoration and fulfillment; to understand exactly why and how you are equipped to do what you want to do; and to truly GET that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in whatever ways make sense for you.
If your dreams have been hampered by indecision, uncertainty, or the insidious Imposter Complex, Tanya Geisler is the expert on the subject, and if you’re anything at all like me, this program will deliver the clarity and confidence you need in order to Step Into Your Starring Role.
Tanya is also practicing what she preaches (in line with Module 4’s ‘Assembling Your Cast‘) by reaching out to select colleagues and graduates of her program to help her share the word about this action-oriented program, and she’s done it in a win-win way: it’s a word-of-mouth referral by which you get to hear about & participate in a program you might not have otherwise found out about, and if you decide to register through my affiliate links, I get a commission for my time and efforts in helping to fill her program with supportive, brilliant, motivated women who are ready to step into their starring role.
Are you ready to Step Into YOUR Starring Role?  If so, Tanya’s the one to help usher you in.  If you’re ready to shine, sign up today because registration closes on March 30th.

Optimal Living Returns!

Take charge of your well-being, with Optimal Living!

The health and happiness of our Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, Relationships and Environment are all intertwined in ways that affect each other, and knowing how they are connected helps us to craft a well-balanced life that nurtures and supports not only us, but those around us too. 

Because I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned about the integrated nature of well-being, I produced and hosted a six-episode television series for Rogers TV, interviewing eighteen different experts to explore ideas about the integrated nature of our health and our happiness. You can read more about what motivated me to create Optimal Living here.

Find out more about our guest experts:

Optimal Living airs across Waterloo Region (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford and Stratford) on Rogers TV Cable 20.  Check the schedule to find out when it’s on next!

We were struck by Kelly’s deep desire to assist others in finding true well-being,” says Charles Wechsler, Station Manager, Rogers TV. “As a community producer, Kelly works tirelessly to connect viewers with the resources and tools they need to design their best life.

Don’t live in the Rogers Waterloo Region viewing area?  Get the Optimal Living Transcripts:

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Find Your Calling: The Remix

Want to feel on purpose and passionate about who you are and what you do?

Last Fall, I shared info with my readers about a program I took called “Find Your Calling“, created and delivered by Oprah columnist Martha Beck, physician Lissa Rankin, and Wake Up Call Coach Amy Ahlers (all three of whom also happen to be bestselling authors, on top of their other incredible accomplishments).

Find Your Calling: Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision & Do Your Soul's WorkEach of these wildly successful women have gone through some heart wrenching experiences on their way to their life’s purpose and calling, and because the response to last year’s Find Your Calling program was so positive, they’ve decided to offer it again this Fall.  I felt the program had so much value for me personally that I became an affiliate*, and I’m excited to share news of this next edition of their program with you:


Join Martha, Lissa and Amy for their

FREE ‘Find Your Calling’ Tele-Jam

on Sept. 10th at Noon PT/3pm ET

Listen via webcast or phone to this powerhouse 90 minute jam!

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Register & they’ll send you the recording.

In this powerful, FREE tele-jam and webcast you’ll discover:

  • The magic hot tracks formula for tapping into your life’s purpose (go on a safari with them!)
  • How their biggest breakdowns changed everything (and led to hope, magic, miracles and life purpose)
  • The road map for finding your calling and how to identify where you are right now (so you can feel peace about your process)
  • The single most important, and almost always overlooked, tool for figuring out why you’re on the planet (sometimes the most powerful things are the simplest)

…And so much MORE!

Does your ‘life purpose’ have to include becoming an Oprah columnist or a bestselling author in order for the material in this free call to apply to you?

No way!

Finding your ‘purpose’ or ‘calling’ may have nothing at all to do with what you do for a living.  It can, of course, but it also doesn’t necessarily mean your purpose will be something grandiose or that you’ll become famous or otherwise widely-known, even in your own circles.

What it does have to do with is feeling ‘right’ in your life; feeling a sense of ease, intention and absorption in what you’re doing, and a contentment with who you are and the people you spend your time with.  It’s a knowing that you’re contributing something helpful and good to others (including to people, animals, plants, the earth)…and that ‘something helpful and good’ can appear in many different forms, both paid and unpaid.

Your ‘zone of genius’ or ‘zone of contentment’ is where you’re designed to be.  Find Your Calling can help you figure out where those zones are for you, and how to manage the process of getting there when you don’t yet know.

BONUS OFFER: The call on Sept. 10th is free of charge, but if you do choose to register for the full paid program that Martha, Lissa & Amy are offering following the call AND you purchase it through my affiliate links above, I’ll also give you a FREE 45-minute coaching call at any point during the program period.  Check out the free tele-jam and see if this program (and my bonus offer) feel right for you in this season of your life.

Register for Find Your Calling, and find out how to awaken your purpose, clarify your vision and do your soul’s work.  Free call is on September 10th at Noon PT/3pm ET: register today.

*note: being an affiliate means I share in a commission if you purchase from a provider through the links I provide. However, rest assured that any product or service I promote is something I know, like and that I trust will help you create a life you love.

I Hope You Dance

Summer Music Series: photo courtesy of Gianni via morguefile.comThis post is the last of my ten-week ‘Summer Music Series‘: a collection of articles inspired by some of the songs and music lyrics that inspire me and make me think… Sign up here to make sure you get future posts: my weekly articles are my free gift to you, and when you sign up you’ll also get a complimentary copy of my Dreamsmith Guide to Creating a Life You Love.  


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina.  There was something so graceful and pretty about the way those dancers floated across the floor, and oh, those tutus and pointe shoes!  Now that I think of it, it wouldn’t do to have just ANY tutu and pointe shoes; they were going to have to be pink, of course.  That’s the kind of ballerina I wanted to be: a little pink puff of grace and wonder.

My little sister and I did get to take ballet lessons…sort of.  There wasn’t a lot of money for extras like that when I was growing up, but Mom did manage to get us into an 8-week introductory ballet class at the local library.  Yup, the library.  Not exactly Juilliard, but our 6- and 4-year old selves were pretty tickled to be able to wear our hair in buns and have the chance to plié and twirl to our little hearts’ content on those Saturday mornings.

little girl ballerina in pink - photo courtesy of

I never did get my pink tutu or pointe shoes, but I did get the chance to dance.  And my dreams of being a ballerina changed enormously as I grew up and discovered all kinds of different things that I was interested in too.

The ballerinas in Lee Ann Womack’s video for I Hope You Dance reminded me of my childhood dreams, but this post didn’t start out to be about ballet.  The lyrics in this song (which I do hope you’ll take a listen to, or at least read here) are of course a metaphor for how to life your life.

Take a look at some of the randomly-selected lines from I Hope You Dance that resonate most with the message I want to impart in today’s post:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger

May you never take one single breath for granted

When one door closes I hope one more opens

Never settle for the path of least resistance

Livin’ might mean takin’ chances but they’re worth takin’

Lovin’ might be a mistake but it’s worth makin’

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance.

Even if ballet is nowhere on your list of desires, I hope that you’ll take those chances in your life.  I hope that you’ll never settle.  I hope you always feel a sense of wonder in your life, and appreciate every breath.  I hope doors open for you.  And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance…

I hope you dance.