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The ‘Do What You Love’ Telesymposium is now over, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these nine incredible speakers.  Purchase the mp3 collection or the mp3 & transcript package here.

To learn more about this ground-breaking telesymposium, read on:

NOTE: Registration for the *live* interview series is now closed, but you can still purchase the collection here.

Do you wake up every morning inspired and invigorated about what lies ahead for the next 24 hours?

Wouldn’t you like to?

What if you could find out how to wake up each day looking forward to how you’re about to spend your time on the planet?

I wanted to give you a resource to help you on your way to designing a life you love to live, so I recently brought together nine incredible and inspirational people who are not only doing what they love, but who also shared:

  • Why you must do what you love (it’s more important than you might think!)
  • How fulfillment and happiness with your career affects your well-being
  • Where to begin if you feel like you don’t even know what you want to do
  • How to take your own heart-guided career leap: pitfalls to avoid and lessons they’ve learned
  • Kickstart tips and guidance on how to make it happen

Do What You Love Telesymposium

Click on the image to get the mp3 collection or the mp3 & transcript package

Featured Speakers:

(click here, or on their photos, to read their bios and find out what they shared)

Barbara Sher, Bestselling Author

Juanita Koo, SweetThings

 Kate Gardner, Creative Acts 

Sherri Bean, Serene Horizons


Sue Rasmussen: Unclutter - Organize - Transform

Jenniffer Weigel, Author/Columnist/Motivational Speaker

Carrie Klassen, Pink Elephant Communications

Tanya Geisler, Clarity Coach & Speaker

Karen Schachter, Dishing With Your Daughter












Do you have ideas and dreams about doing something different in your life, but think you: 

  • don’t know how to start
  • don’t have the resources
  • don’t have the time
  • don’t have the education
  • don’t have the courage
  • don’t have the…..(you get the idea…)

Here’s what I’ve discovered: 

When you focus on the ‘don’t haves’, you lose sight of all that you do have…including all the dreams and loves that are laying, like buried treasure, in your heart.  

I was once in your shoes too.  Several years ago I realized that I wanted to carve out a new career path for myself; I wasn’t doing what I longed to be doing.  And yet the ‘new career’ I did want was something I still couldn’t define with any kind of clarity.  It was exciting to think about making a change, but as a single mom, it was also terrifying!  I spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to get doing the things I’m doing today – things I love to do – and now I want to give something back. 

If you’re longing for a different life and just need some help getting there, you’ve come to the right place!

That’s why I created this telesymposium; to bring together some incredible resources and inspiration to help you figure out how to do what you love…whether that’s in your career or your personal life or both. 

The things that light you up are the things you need to be doing.

Our incredible panel of speakers will help you learn how to discover what your passion and purpose is, and how to go about living it every day.  These speakers are a wonderful group of people who have done exactly that for themselves, who are now doing work that feeds their soul and also serves the world in some positive way, and they’ve generously shared how YOU can do the same thing.  Yes, YOU!

Do What You Love Telesymposium

Click the image to get the mp3 collection or the mp3 & transcript package

Pull your dreams out of the clouds and get them happening in real life.

Don’t just dream about it any longer; DO it! 

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12 thoughts on “Do What You Love Telesymposium

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  2. Hi there! I’d love to listen to today’s interview. I registered but I missed it – I am trying to listen on Audio Acrobat but it isn’t working. There’s nowhere to enter the code. What shall I try next?

    • Hi Carmen! Sorry you’re having trouble, but thanks for reaching out to let me know. To listen to the recordings, go to and enter the password that was emailed to you on Monday (Jun 11th – entitled “It Starts Tomorrow!”). From there, you should be able to click on the audio link to listen online. I’ll email you the page password again in case you don’t have it any more; that will be in your inbox in a few moments. Hope that helps; enjoy the recordings!

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  5. Hey Kelly, I finally got through all the recordings and it was great to hear all the inspiring stories, philosophies and lessons for living an awakened life. I can appreciate that it was geared more towards the feminine, but there is loads of wisdom for us dudes too 🙂

    I am a big fan of “from the ashes” tales and look forward to future Tele-symposiums ..

    PS: ahem… I had to look “symposiums” up… would have never guessed it means a “drinking party” 🙂

    • Hi Paul – glad you enjoyed the recordings. Yes, the telesymposium was dominated by estrogen, but I’m glad you noted there is wisdom in there for the dudes too 🙂

      Incidentally, I was going more for definitions #1 & 2 from on the word ‘symposium’: 1. a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience. 2. a collection of opinions expressed or articles contributed by several persons on a given subject or topic.

      But hey, if someone wants to have cocktails while listening to the interviews, who am I to stop them?! 🙂


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