Coaching & Consulting

Get where you want to go, and be who you want to be: faster, smarter and have more fun doing it.  Get me on your team as your lifestyle coach and/or business consultant.

Why hire me?

Most of the successful people you admire have a coach of some kind. Authors have editors, athletes have trainers, actors have directors, CEOs have boards of directors. The good ones get great with the help of someone who’s played their game and studied their sport; someone who observes their execution and provides guidance and wisdom as she rallies and supports them in stepping up to play their favourite game at their personal best.

When you want to step up your game in your life or your business, who guides, rallies and supports you?

I do, that’s who. Life and small business are my sports.

Are you ready to play a bigger game? If you’re here, you’ve already got something pulling you towards it; a sense that it’s really important that you do.

I can help you get there.

Ready to book now?  Go here.

What to expect:

When you enlist my services, I’ll serve as your strategist and your resource rolodex, helping you create a plan and a road map to get you where you want to go.  I’ll serve as your mentor and your inspiration curator, as your objective third party and your purveyor of possibilities. I’ll keep you accountable for getting things done.  I’ll be your cheerleader and your fans in the stands…aaaand I’m also happy to play the role of Chief Cork-Popper when it’s time to celebrate your victories.

In your life and your business, I’ll challenge you to push yourself, stretch your limits, play at your edge and give it all you’ve got. I’ll coax out the best in you.  I’ll call you out on any self-defeating behaviour and excuses (in the most loving of ways), and I’ll hold you accountable for getting out on the field and playing your best game. If you’re an expert at making excuses or otherwise finding every reason why you can’t make the changes you say you want to make, we probably won’t play very well together.  A coach is not a therapist or a counsellor.  But if you’re committed and ready to uplevel your game, we’ll get along famously.

Because I want you to win in this game called Life.

My specialities:
1. Conscious, holistic lifestyle design for positive & proactive individuals
2. Small business development and consulting for solopreneurs & microbusinesses
3. Goal setting, action planning and accountability

I can help you, personally and/or for your business:
1. Identify your strengths and assets
2. Identify the core values that drive and motivate you
3. Build a holistic game plan for boosting your level of well-being in life & your success in business
4. Navigate through times of personal transformation
5. Get yourself out of your own way when you feel stuck or stalled in your progress
6. Find the resources you need to move to the next stage in your journey
7. Set actionable goals and hold you accountable
8. Maintain your trajectory once you’re on your right path

If you’re ready to take radical responsibility for yourself and for creating a life you love, and you know the value of having someone hold you accountable and rally you toward success, enlist my services and get me on your team with one of my Dreamsmith™ coaching and consulting packages.

How to Book Sessions With Me:
1. Email me and indicate which type of session package you’re interested in; session & package options are listed below. We’ll arrange payment, I’ll send you the appropriate Dream Forging Questions and together, we’ll set a date.
2. You call (or Skype) me at the appointed time and we’ll dive into your dreams and get smithing.
3. Got questions before you book? No problem. Email me and let’s chat to see if we’re a fit.

Fast-Forge Dreamstorming Session*: 1 session, 60 minutes, $140.  Book it.
Got an idea bubbling around in your head but aren’t sure how to get from here to there? Invest in an hour of one-on-one time dedicated to hammering out ideas and possibilities for ways to make your dream come to life. You choose the specific area(s) of your life or business that you want to focus on, and leave our session with actionable steps that you can start with right away. I’ll also send you the mp3 recording of our session so you can refer to it again later.

Dreamcrafting Program: 4 sessions (60 mins each), 4 weeks, $444.  Book it.
Dive deeper into a targeted area of your growth and evolution as we spend four dedicated weeks on one specific area of your life or your business. We’ll brainstorm and strategize together until we have an action plan you can start on immediately, and we’ll create an accountability plan that will keep you on track and moving forward.

Dreamscaping Process: 12 sessions (60 mins each), 12 weeks, $400/month x 3 mos. (or, make one payment of $1,100 and save $100).  Book it.

Ready to start a small business, launch a personal project or otherwise commit to a serious life and/or business overhaul whose time has come?

Dream it. Design it. Do it.

Together we’ll hone in on the dreams that really resonate with you and create actionable plans that will get you exactly where you want to go. Be ready: you may be called to exercise your brain, work your body, open your heart, steel your nerve and surrender to spirit. Know that when you begin to pursue your biggest dreams, resistance and self-doubt are almost guaranteed to surface, and when they do, we’ll explore why they’ve popped in and determine what to do with them. If you’re serious about seeing a big dream come to life, this in-depth and personally tailored program will take you through a three-phase process for turning your big dream into reality.

Dreamsmith Success Teams (Group Coaching): 8 sessions (2hrs each), 8 weeks, $425.  *email & request to be notified of the next group program (dates TBA).
Bring your dreams to life with a Dreamsmith Success Team: a support group of creative, intelligent, resourceful people like yourself, who will help you develop plans for any goal and give you information, contacts, ideas, websites, resources, directions…whatever you need to make your dream come true. Most importantly: we’ll give you guidance, encouragement and keep you accountable, week by week until you’ve reached your goal. Downloadable workbook and access to our private online group forum are included.  

Dreamstoking Shots3 x 20-minute sessions, $120.  Book ’em.
If you’ve worked with me before and decide you’d like some additional sessions designed to keep prodding you along, grab a 3-pack of Dreamstoking Shots to keep your momentum going.

Are you ready?  Your dreams are waiting for you. So am I.

Still have questions before you book?  That’s what I’m here for; email me and let’s chat.