Live Big.  Be Happy.  Change The World.

Living optimally, to me, means being happy and healthy in all areas of your life.  I’ve been on a lifelong quest for ways to achieve this in my own life, and I’ve come to believe that taking an integrated approach to well-being is the way to go.   I know first-hand that any improvements you make in one area of your life will inevitably lead to improvements in other areas too.

There’s a lot to learn, and new ideas and research are coming out all the time about ways to best optimize our experience of life.  I certainly don’t have all the answers…but I sure have been learning a lot as I go along.   I don’t know that I’ll ever have it “all figured out”, but I know I plan to keep seeking.

Keep exploring.  Keep discovering.

My intention is to consistently practice what I preach, but like everyone else, sometimes I make mistakes, have setbacks, and stumble.  But I get back up again and keep on trying, always striving to get back on track with applying what I’ve learned, aiming to live my life to the fullest.

If that sounds like you too, you’ve come to the right place.

One thing’s for sure…I find delight and inspiration in every new thing that I learn about optimal living, and that’s why I’d like to share what I learn with you.  You can take what resonates with you and apply it to your own life, and simple leave behind what doesn’t make sense for you.  I hope you’ll find lots of good resources here that help you live the life you want.

Come on in, explore my blog and check out my Optimal Living TV series.  Discover how you living big and being happy will change the world!